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Hockey Taglines
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Hockey Taglines

A bird in the hand doesn't scare people like a hockey stick does.

All hockey players are equal, except some SCORE more often than others.

All hockey players began in jr. high as bad spellers playing hooky!

And now, let the hockey game begin.

Any group of Canadians beyond three turns into a hockey game

Be Young! Have fun! Play hockey!

Be Young! Have fun! Watch hockey!

Beware of women who carry hockey sticks.

Canada: 51 Weeks Winter, One Week Hockeyless Summer

CAUTION: Hockey is addictive.

COMPUTER: Something to pass the time when a hockey game isn't on.

Cyberpuck: the dark future of hockey.

Don't mess with me. My boyfriend's a hockey player!

Gimme hockey, or gimme death!

Give blood - play hockey.

Help! I've fallen and I can't reach my hockey stick!

Hockey For Grandparents - By Jerry Hattrick

Hockey is the greatest sport of all.

Hockey Players are protesting the excessive violence in figure skating

I brake for hockey!

I love hockey, said Tom puckily.

I never watched a hockey game that I didn't like.

I used to have a life, then I started watching hockey games.

I went to the fights last night and a hockey game broke out.

I'd rather be playing hockey.

If hockey was easy, they'd call it "Baseball".

If there's no fight, it wasn't a hockey game.

I'm NOT addicted. I just watch hockey ALL the time.

Is it morally wrong to allow hockey players to keep their teeth?

It's a hockey stick. I always carry one for emergencies.

It's a hockey thing, you wouldn't understand.

Judge not a hockey player by his strength, but by his lost teeth!

Life is what passes you by while watching hockey.

Life is wonderful. Without it, there would be no hockey.

Mail without taglines is like Hockey without Fighting.

Non contact hockey is when a player gets up after the hit.

OLD HOCKEY PLAYERS never die, they just achieve their final goal

Real men play hockey.

Send money! I need to get some hockey tickets!

SLEEP: What you do to pass the time when a hockey game isn't on.

The game of hockey is never called off on account of missing teeth.

The only good hockey players are the ones with no teeth!

Yeah, I'm religious. Hockey's a religion, right?

You are a good example why you shouldn't play hockey without a helmet!


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